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B.E.G. Br�ck Electronic GmbH specializes in electric automation and viable solutions for automatic lighting in order to have the greatest impact on energy saving in buildings. For instance, emergency lights, motion activated lights, and controls to make light easy in industrial settings. Starting in 1975, this family-owned company began with developing better emergency lights. The B.E.G. Luxomat is a series of products - lights and photocells, motion and occupancy detectors, time switches, and KNX, which is known as intelligent building systems. The lights and photocells designed by B.E.G handle indoor and outdoor light functions - whether temporary, as in activated by sensor, or ongoing as you would find in floodlights and other outdoor situations. Motion and occupancy detectors in the B.E.G. Luxomat line also offer indoor and outdoor options, ceiling-mounted sensors, those which can adjust for daylight, and remote controls to make life easier. Time switches by B.E.G. come in digital and mechanical options. The KNX line, or intelligent building systems, gateway controls, cameras, sensors, and more can be integrated into a home or business with these products. dxb d

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