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Inside the brand DECRIL we find the brand Plastichain energy chain polyamide. These chains offer a high level of protection against stress, cuts and distortions that may come to occur because of reciprocation. At the same time they serve to guide feeds energy and fluids moving machines, improving safety, service life and appearance of the installation. Thanks to a system of clips with a removable cap operation, you can set the radius of curvature most appropriate. There are models with fixed crossbars and others, to facilitate placement and changing cables, allow you to open the crossbars. Thanks to its lightweight design allows the user to set high speeds of displacement and also allow accelerations and decelerations. Plastichain stands out for its energy chains polyamide light series and medium series. are also widely used polyamide chains closed reinforced series and series. They also have standard cable carrier chains polyamide with aluminum crossbars specific widths.
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